Planned New Development

The tourism businesses which previously operated at the Kiwi360 property have relocated to be on the main direct highway to Rotorua.
Whilst a significant new development is being planned and executed, continuity of service is being delivered at a number of adjacent properties and venues.

The new destination will showcase the extraordinary abundance and productivity of the Bay of Plenty.

Our hero products of Zespri Kiwifruit, Comvita Manuka Honey, and NZ Avocados will feature in world-class displays in the complex and their respective trees and vines will form part of the hands-on orchard tours.

The new facility will be designed as a hub for the departure to other local destinations, as well as having the capacity to accommodate multiple numbers of the cruise coaches, visiting for shopping or excursions on their way to or from Rotorua.

Tour groups and FITs will enjoy the ample capacity to incorporate orchard tours, group meals, and shopping.

It is anticipated that the planned facility will be open for the 2017-2018 summer season.